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Rye-wheat bread 500g

artisan bread with a pure composition of rye flaked flour on wheat and rye sourdough, hand molding


Hokkaido bread 500g

soft rich bread with a rich delicate taste and snow-white crumb on wheat sourdough, butter and egg


Bread "Mr. Cereal" buckwheat 500g

handmade artisan bread made from buckwheat and barley flour on wheat sourdough, pure composition without additives


Bread Grandioso 310g

Handmade artisan bread with wheat sourdough from premium flour, without artificial additives

x Healthy lifestyle

Branded tartine bread 400g

Artisan porous bread with scallop on wheat and rye sourdough

x Gluten Free

PAN DE COCA bread 300g

Bread with large pores, original taste and rich aroma, composed of wheat flour and mashed potatoes

x Sport

bun without flour 80g

Original flourless bun with pumpkin seeds, flax, sesame, sunflower, rye and spelt

x Healthy lifestyle

Ciabatta ITALY from a stone oven 300g

hand-molded ciabatta with Extra Virgin olive oil and starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria, only pure composition

x Sport

Bread "oldRussian rye" 500g

100% rye bread with sourdough rye flour, pure composition without additives

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