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Gluten Free

PAN DE COCA bread 300g

Bread with large pores, original taste and rich aroma, composed of wheat flour and mashed potatoes


bun without flour 80g

Original flourless bun with pumpkin seeds, flax, sesame, sunflower, rye and spelt

Healthy lifestyle

Ciabatta ITALY from a stone oven 300g

hand-molded ciabatta with Extra Virgin olive oil and starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria, only pure composition


Bread "oldRussian rye" 500g

100% rye bread with sourdough rye flour, pure composition without additives

«MR. ZLAK» - artisan handmade bread

Traditions, high quality and innovation are our tenets that inspire us to create the most delicious bread! We create unique new high-quality products, use traditional recipes and combine them with the experience of the best masters of bread craft. Modern technologies help us achieve excellent results, maintain quality and convey it to our customers. Our production process complies with international quality standards.



we use long-term fermentation technologies (up to 48 hours), we grow our own starter cultures, our branded breads are hand-formed and baked in a special way

Traditions and Recipes

we choose the most delicious bread from all over the world and make it according to old original recipes


we use only high quality raw ingredients

We do not use

synthetic additives, baking powder, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors


for people leading an active lifestyle, we have prepared bread with a high content of proteins, fats and without added sugar

Proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle

we have developed a range of products with wholemeal flour, without yeast, high in fiber, with natural amino acids and vitamins

Gluten Free Range

we have a product line in our range that is made from gluten-free flour

Your ideas

by agreement, Mr. Zlak technologists are ready to develop an exclusive product for your business that will meet your needs and wishes

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